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Most consumers and companies aren’t aware that taxes are a 365-day financial responsibility. We at, Vikram Gulati Professional Corporation, know and understand that in order to drive the best savings and provide you with the right information that allows you to make the correct business decisions, we need to be able to manage your finances and taxes – accurately and in a timely fashion. In order to do that, we offer a wealth of services to ensure that we are keeping you in the green.

Full Cycle Accounting

We provide a complete bookkeeping and accounting solution, both onsite and offsite, that includes the preparation of financial statement as per Canadian accounting principles. An analytical review of your financials in comparison with budgeted plan or prior periods provides detailed insight and critical information on the performance of your business. This information helps you make timely strategic decision regarding the key areas leading to an improved profitability.

Management Reporting

We prepare budgets and forecasts aligned with the long term business goals. An ongoing analysis of results against planned budget highlights area requiring focus so corrective action can be directed towards achieving planned growth.

Tax Consulting & Returns

We assist with compliance and reporting requirements for Income Tax, Sales Tax, and Payroll Taxes; including WSIB filing. We devise effective tax planning strategies per CRA guidelines that are successful in saving taxes for the small business owner. We provide ongoing assistance through the year to implement tax planning strategies that avail opportunities provided by the government to reduce tax liabilities. We also ensure that your tax filing, returns and reporting are on time so you never pay penalties for late filing.

CRA Appeals and Audits

We provide skillful representation on CRA audits and appeals, preparing records and submission followed by continued co-ordination till favorable resolution/settlement.

Payroll Services

We provide comprehensive payroll services that include registration with the CRA and other statutory authorities, completion of statutory forms and records, periodic calculation of employee payroll amounts & payroll liabilities, preparation of year end T4 slips and summaries including filing with CRA.

Business Plans, Set-Ups And Loans

We assist in preparing accurate and extensive Business Plan and Projection as per your requirement. We provide expertise in deciding the right business entity for your venture (corporation or proprietorship) and help set it up. We co-ordinate with lenders for term loans for equipment and working capital loan for inventory to help in your growth plans.


• Preparation of budgets
• Preparation of cash flow statements and operation forecasting
• Controllership functions and reporting on timely basis
• Preparation of business plans

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