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Should You Hire a New CPA for Tax Services Mississauga Prepare Your Taxes?

4When you are filing for your taxes, it is important to know if the person doing your taxes knows the work. It really does not matter if the person doing the taxes is a CPA or tax preparer. If you are living in Mississauga then you will find companies offering Bookkeeping Mississauga, Tax Services Mississauga and Payroll Services Mississauga. To ensure that the person you hired is the right one to do your job, here are few questions to help determine if you have hired the right tax professional.

Do You Get Timely Answers for Your Queries

If your professional CPA forgets that, you are the boss and do not directly respond to all of your queries then it is time to look around. You deserve to be treated with respect and if your CPA does not follow his role of explaining things to you and offering you timely update then this is the time that you know you should change your CPA.

cover2Does Your Tax Preparer Sell Investments

Tax is a full time job and if the tax person spends time selling insurance or investments then this means he isn’t focused on taxes. Remember, the jack-of-all-trades is the master of none. When it comes to taxation, you require a master by your side. A person distracted by investments would not prepare your returns properly, which may lead to additional problems in the future.

5Are You Paying Too Much For the Services?

Tax preparation is mainly an individualized service. So sometimes, it is fine to overpay for the service if the person is extremely good and easy to work with. However, even after that if you still feel that you are being charged overly, the only solution is look around. Take your last two tax return reports to other tax pros in your area. Let them review your documents and listen to what they have to say. Ask them if they have any suggestions. Remember these people will try to sell you, but if you find them giving the right information then hire a new tax guru.

Is Your Work Handed Accurately?

It is okay if an occasional error happens as everybody makes mistakes. People filing for tax are under immense pressure. However if you find the mistakes are numerous or is repeated year after year, dump your CPA and hire a much efficient person to the do the job.