About Us
About Us

A CPA, CGA wears many hats, business advisor, a strategist, trusted partner and accounting specialist. However in order to effectively master each of these different hats they have to have the knowledge and experience. This is why Vikram Gulati is one of the most sought after CPA, CGA's in the GTA, he has over 25 years of experience in the field of accounting, tax and finance, dealing with Tier A companies spanning across various industries.

By offering comprehensive solutions to small businesses we are able to provide expert advice and ongoing support through the business life cycle. From the onset we set up the correct processes that are not only efficient but also lead to:

• Improved results
• Increase in profits through key decision making
• Positive cash flows to meet both current and future goals
• Overall enhancement in the value of business

All this coupled with our ability to dive deep into a company’s financials (large or small) to help guide and save for the future.

We are extremely attentive to detail, as that’s the only way accountants can be successful in ensuring a companies financials are set up for success. We work to ensure your business information is accurately compiled and presented so important informed decisions can be made on a timely basis leading to increased profitability & growth.

We provide value added solutions at a cost that is mostly covered through savings generated by us for you, therefore improving your bottom line.

Don’t think of us as just another CPA, CGA.

We are a partner whose main goal is to help you to save on your taxes, drive your business results and grow your overall business.

We are in it together to ensure your success is our success.

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